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The importance of maths + free live classes continue this week!

Two exciting things to tell you about this week: 1. Free webinar: The Importance of Maths with Thomas Briggs

Here is Thomas to explain what this webinar is all about: A popular question heard by maths teachers is "when am I ever going to need this?" For this 30-40 minute session, we'll focus on common maths topics that are familiar to most of our children and how they shape the world we live in today. "Nobody taught Eratosthenes maths knowing, or even hoping, that he'd be the first to find out something about the world we live in that we take for granted today. Similarly, nobody teaches maths to students in schools today thinking that they'll make a particular discovery, or use it in a particular way. What we do know is that if we don't work to give as many people as possible the tools to make these as yet unknown discoveries, then nobody will make them. This webinar is for teachers and parents. You can sign up here: 2. Free live classes continue! Our series of free live classes continues this week. Each class focuses on a mathematical idea that students in Years 9 and 11 struggle with according to our extensive dataset. Here are the details:

  • Monday 31st January - Year 9 - Speed, Distance, Time

  • Tuesday 1st February - Year 10 Foundation - Rounding to Significant Figures

  • Wednesday 2nd February - Year 10 Higher - Bearings

  • Thursday 3rd February - Year 11 Foundation - Factorising quadratic expressions

Each live class starts at 4.30pm and finishes at 5.30pm and takes place over Zoom. Please pass the following link onto your students or their parents so they can sign up: We also created this email template with the link already included to help you spread the word easily. Stay safe and thanks for reading.

Craig and the Eedi Team

The Spring League - third week results!

1st place (£60) - Adventure Academy

2nd place (£40) - Wimbledon College

3rd place (£20) - The British School of Milan Sir James Henderson

We reward winning schools with cash every week, and individual winning students can win prizes too 🏆

Included with every free Eedi Family subscription, please share using this email template. Join anytime, the leaderboard refreshes every week!


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