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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to St. Colm’s High School.
St. Colm’s is a high achieving, non-selective, co-educational school. We have designed our website to provide you with a taste of what St. Colm’s has to offer.
Our curriculum is crafted to meet the needs of our students, their talents and their aspirations. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that affords academic challenges and provides appropriate pathways to further education and the world of work.
St. Colm’s extra-curricular provision is second to none. Students are afforded opportunities to learn in a variety of environments and through different mediums. We value participation as well as celebrating successes.

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We are a school that is rooted in our community. We seek to add value to our community; to enhance it and in turn, to learn valuable lessons from it.  We have long standing positive relationships with local businesses, sporting clubs and organisations.
Our Catholic faith is at the centre of all that we do. It informs and guides all that takes place within St. Colm’s. We encourage our young people to be active contributors in their parishes and to live their faith through their words and deeds.
St. Colm’s success is in no small part a result of our outstanding staff; our teachers and our support staff work tirelessly to ensure all in our care fulfil their potential. We have high expectations of our young people and this leads to success in all areas of their development.
I am proud to lead St. Colm’s and bring to life our vision statement
‘Believe and Achieve’.
Sinead McAllister

This service is available to anyone, including young people 24 hours per day, every day of the year. 


If parents are concerned about a crisis mental health situation, they can take their child to A & E, or can speak to their local GP for advice in the first instance.


We are aware that some young people who are distressed are awaiting an appointment from CAMHS. If a young person's mental health worsens whilst on the CAMHS waiting list parents should telephone their local CAMHS and speak to them about this.


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