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Business Studies

Staff:  Mr C. Donnelly


Business Studies is an important qualification in today’s society and so studying business is useful for both future careers and a student’s personal life.  The subject is also relevant and interesting with opportunities for industry visits and specialised speakers. Business Studies is one of the most popular fields of study at universities worldwide.

Business students are in high demand with employers and have developed the skills through the subject which makes them some of the most employable. Students will have a wide variety of possible career options open to them upon graduation.

Business is both theoretical and practical, meaning that students not only gain a great range of knowledge, but also learn the skills needed to apply this knowledge to real life settings, again assisting with employability.

The subject is an enjoyable introduction to the world of business and is a good basis for pupils wishing to continue the subject to a higher level. Business Studies is a “living” subject and pupils will have an opportunity to consider many of the economic issues (use of scarce resources, growth of big business, fair employment etc.) facing our economy. In St Colms we are committed to developing an understanding and knowledge of the world of business whilst encouraging interest and enthusiasm for the subject.

KS4 Business Studies Overview

GCSE Business Studies CCEA

Unit 1

Starting a business

External written examination

1 1/2 hours

Weighting:  40%

Timescale: End of Year 11

Unit 2

Developing a business

External written examination

1 1/2 hours

Weighting:  40%

Timescale: End of Year 12

Unit 3

Planning a business

Controlled assessment

Weighting: 20%

Timescale: End of Year 12

AS/A2 Busiess Studies Overview

A Level

Applied Business


AS Module 1


External Examination 

Financial Planning

AS Module 2


Internally Centre Assessed (coursework)

Business Dynamics

AS Module 3


External Assignment 

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

AS Module 4


External Examination

Managing and Leading People

AS Module 5


Internally Centre Assessed (coursework)

Developing a Business Proposal

A2 Module 6


Internally Centre Assessed (coursework)

Managing an Event

Career Opportunities

Business graduates find opportunities both within the public and private sector.  Careers using Business and Finance include:


Accountant, Administrative Assistant, Banking, Economist, Hotel Management, Human Resource Manager, Insurance, Marketing, Retail Management.

Student Support Materials

Recommended revision websites:


Key Stage Four


Key Stage Five





St Colms Mini-enterprise club

Business guest speakers

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