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Home Economics

Staff:  Miss Kearney, Mrs Glass, Mrs Maguire


Home Economics is a key part of the curriculum in St Colm’s.  We strive to develop pupils as individuals, as contributors to society and as contributors to the economy and the environment.  We do this by helping them explore their health in a practical context, encouraging them to make responsible choices about their diet and health, helping them to make reasoned judgements about relationships and giving them awareness of themselves as consumers.

KS3 Subject Overview


Home Economics is part of the curriculum for all pupils at key stage 3.  Over a two week timetable pupils have two theory lessons where they are provided with opportunities to explore issues related to healthy eating, family life and independent living. They also have a double practical class where pupils develop practical skills in the safe, hygienic, healthy and creative use of foods to enable them to plan, prepare, cook and serve a range of dishes.

KS4 Subject Overview


At key stage 4 pupils have the opportunity to study GCSE Food and Nutrition and GCSE Child Development

GCSE Food and Nutrition

This course aims to encourage an understanding of the relationship between food choice, diet and health as well as the development of practical skills in food preparation.  Topics covered include food processing and production, food safety, labelling, nutritional needs at stages of the lifecycle, diet related disorders and food intolerance.

Exam Board: CCEA


Career Opportunities

Home Economics is a useful subject for many careers such as Environmental Health, Dietetics, Food Quality Control, Product Development.

GCSE Child Development

The child development course involves the study of the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of young children from conception up to the age of five.  Topics covered include pregnancy, post-natal care, learning through play, childhood illness, family planning, dietary needs of a baby, toddler and child and keeping a child safe.

Exam Board: CCEA


Career Opportunities

GCSE Child Development is an excellent course to study for those interested in a career such as a primary school teacher, nurse, midwife, speech therapist, health visitor and many roles in the field of health care.

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