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Staff:  Mrs E. Young


All pupils are potentially musical and can benefit from learning experiences which develop their knowledge, understanding and skills. By actively engaging with the core musical activities – composing, performing and listening – they learn more about both making and responding to music. At Key Stage 3, they have opportunities to improve their understanding of how interdependent composing, performing and listening are.

In all three activities, they create personal meaning, express their own feelings, explore diverse musical tastes and experiment creatively.

They focus on music in society, both in their own culture and others, past and present, and learn about its power to evoke mood and atmosphere.

They also learn about how to be discriminating consumers of music, and become more aware of the skills required to be successful in the music industry.

KS3 Subject Overview

KS3 Music is delivered two classes per fortnight

Year 8

  • Introduction to the Orchestra

  • Class singing

  • Rhythm and Pulse

  • Tin whistle

  • Chinese Music

  • Programmatic Music

  • Glockenspiel

  • Group composition tasks

Year 9

  • Music for Cartoon sequences

  • Keyboard skill development

  • Healthy Lifestyles Raps (Whole School Connected learning unit)

  • Class singing

  • Musicals

  • Tin whistle

  • Group composition tasks

Year 10

  • Popular music

  • Garageband (CCEA ICT accreditation task)

  • Music for t.v. and film

  • Group composition tasks

  • Keyboard skill development

  • World music (Whole School connected learning unit)

KS4 Subject Overview

KS4 Music is delivered six classes per fortnight.

Exam Board: CCEA


Extra-Curricular Provision

  • Choir

  • Orchestra

  • Irish Trad. Group

  • School Musicals

  • School Masses

  • Harvest Mass

  • Carol Service

  • Easter Service

  • Spring Concert

  • Awards Ceremony

  • Open Night

  • Performing at Ballinascreen Fold

E.A. Peripatetic Tuition

​- Strings - Mrs C McKay

- Woodwind & Brass - Mr D. Tohill

Career Opportunities

  • Performer

  • Teacher

  • Music Therapist

  • Recording producer/Engineer

  • Conductor/Musical Director

  • Composer

  • Music administrator/Concert Arranger

  • Instrument maker/Dealer

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