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Motor Vehicle Road User Study


Learning to drive is often a major milestone on a young person’s road to adulthood and new-found independence. But driving is a skill that needs to be applied responsibly. The ability to cope well with road and traffic conditions, whether as a driver, passenger or pedestrian, is vital.

Motor vehicle and road user studies develops a wealth of relevant knowledge and practical skills, including a greater awareness of the motor vehicle itself and its systems. It focuses on learning to drive in different conditions and coping with the unexpected. It deals with the various costs involved in running a car and raises broader issues of traffic management and pollution. It also looks at how best to avoid accidents and, if one does occur, how to limit the damage.

Course Breakdown

Unit 1: Motor Vehicle and Road User Theory – 50%

Unit 2: Investigative Study – 25%

Unit 3: Practical Riding Activity – 25%

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