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Physical Education

Staff:  Mrs F. Devlin, Mr C. Meenagh


Physical Education at St. Colm’s enables all our pupils to learn through movement so that they develop, extend and refine their skills in a range of movement contexts. Physical Education also helps to develop positive attitudes towards participation in physical activities in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Through active, enjoyable and challenging learning experiences in this area, Physical Education aims to help all our pupils develop positive relationships, sportsmanship, fair play and respect for differing capabilities.

KS3 Subject Overview

All pupils at KS3 participate in four classes of Physical education every two weeks.

They engage in a structured and balanced PE programme which aims to increase their knowledge, understanding and skills through frequent and regular participation in the following areas:

  • Athletics,

  • Games (invasion, fielding/striking and net/wall),

  • Gymnastics,

  • Swimming

  • Dance.


Central to all teaching and learning of Physical Education at KS3 will be an understanding of the body and how different levels of activity impact on healthy development.

In addition, pupils will experience opportunities to develop their ICT, literacy, numeracy and communication skills through Physical Education.

KS4 Subject Overview

General PE - All pupils have the opportunity to participate in a regular, frequent and balanced programme of physical activity at Key Stage 4 that:

  • develops their interests and talents

  • extends their knowledge, understanding and skills

  • contributes to, and helps sustain, a healthy and active lifestyle

  • evaluate their own performances and that of others

  • recognise and manage risk and apply safe principles and procedures before, during and after physical activity

  • experience and understand different roles within a range of physical activities

  • know how to access sporting and recreational opportunities in the local and wider community


The WJEC Eduqas GCSE Physical Education specification is designed to encourage learners to be inspired, motivated and challenged by the subject and enable them to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career pathways.

Through studying GCSE Physical Education learners will acquire the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to develop and maintain their performance in physical activities and understand the benefits to health, fitness and well-being. Learners will develop theoretical knowledge and understanding of the factors that underpin physical activity and sport and use this knowledge to improve performance. Learners will perform in different physical activities. They will develop skills and techniques, select and use tactics, strategies and/or compositional ideas. Learners will develop their ability to analyse and evaluate to improve performance in physical activity and sport.

Exam Board: WJEC Eduqas


AS/A2 Subject Overview

The BTEC Edexcel Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Sport is a vocational based course which involves completing coursework assignments of a theoretical and practical nature on a range of sports related topics such as training and fitness, injury in sport, and analysis and improvement in sport.

Exam Board: Pearson


Career Opportunities

Physical education lends itself to a range of careers in sports and fitness, coaching, fitness and leisure, sport development. Many nutritionists, physical therapists and chiropractors have a degree in PE. Most career paths encompass a variety of different obligations, duties, skills, and training, but they all rely on a knowledge of health and a desire to work with people. Some careers that you could consider doing with PE include:

  • Fitness instructor

  • Leisure centre assistant

  • PE teacher

  • Physiotherapist

  • Professional sportsperson

  • Personal trainer

  • Sports Journalist

  • Sports science

  • Sports Marketing Specialist

  • Sports Medicine Physician

  • Sports Nutritionist/Dietitian

  • Sports Psychologist

  • Sports Statistician

  • Sports coach/consultant

  • Travel and tourism

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