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Religious Education

Staff:  Miss J. Conway, Mrs D. Shields, Mr C. Donnelly


At the very heart of St Colm’s High school lies the Catholic Ethos, this is nurtured throughout the pupil’s school life within the religious classroom.  Pupils are encouraged to examine their conscience and are equipped to deal with moral issues that will affect their everyday life.  They are encouraged to become independent learners while always considering the needs of others. Christian teaching is enhanced through the numerous masses, services and fundraising carried out throughout the school year.

KS3 Subject Overview

The Key Elements that are covered in KS3 religious studies are-:

  • Spiritual Awareness;

  • Moral Character;

  • Cultural Understanding;

  • Ethical Awareness; and

  • Education for Sustainable Development.

KS4 Subject Overview

Students study Mark’s Gospel in year 11, they develop a deep understanding of scripture and will sit their exam at the end of year 11.  Year 12 will involves giving young people opportunities to develop their personal understanding and enhance their spiritual and ethical awareness. They will then sit their Christian Ethics exam at the end of year 12.

Exam Board: CCEA


AS/A2 Subject Overview



Completing GCSE/ A-Level religious studies can be very beneficial for the following career options-:

  • Teaching

  • Law

  • Nursing

  • Youth worker

  • Counselling 

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